Exercise combined with fasting increases the caloric burn rate much faster compared to exercise with no fasting. 

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting or not eating for prolonged periods of time has been practiced for many centuries. This could be for religious reasons or health reasons. You probably already know in order to burn fat you need to fast and also probably do some exercise. So, dieting and exercising go hand in hand and they work as a team.

How to burn more fat?

Based on a new research study, the first thing you need to do before your fast is exercise. You heard it right. You must exercise.

What exercise does before fasting?

Exercise before fasting makes your body enter a fat-burning phase much quicker than if you fast without exercising before. The second thing is you push your body into ketosis. What this means is, normally the body picks up glucose in order to maintain daily activities. The body cells are smart. If they don’t find glucose, they go looking for other sources for glucose and in this case, they start looking for fat, and this burning of fat is called ketosis. As ketosis is happening, the body produces a byproduct called ketones that are also beneficial to the body in the short term. The earlier the body gets into ketosis; the more fat is burnt. This is kind of the same idea behind ketogenic diets that are so popular for losing weight.

What happened in the research?

There were 20 healthy volunteers who actually participated in the study. Each person fasted for 36 hours. Hydration or drinking was allowed as normal. These twenty people had the exact same type of food. Eleven people did exercise before they went into fasting and the other nine people did not do any exercise and they just fasted. So, people who exercised ran on a treadmill for 45 to 50 minutes. The exercise group burnt fat quicker and the body entered into ketosis much earlier. This was known because they also measured the level of beta hydroxybutyrate, a Ketone in the blood. In people who did not exercise, the ketosis did not set in for 24 hours after fasting.

Does fasting with exercise lead to mood changes?

You might be thinking without food, they might be feeling very irritable, and it just doesn’t feel good There is some irritability that can happen when people are fasting but there was no difference whether they exercised or did not exercise in terms of their mood.

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