What is the cause of sensitive teeth?

What are the symptoms of sensitive teeth?

Pain or tingling sensation when you drink hot coffee or hot tea or eat ice cream or sweets.

What to do about Sensitive Teeth?

Now that you know you have sensitive teeth, the first thing you do is change your brush and the way you brush. If you don’t have one get a soft bristle brush, not a hard one, not a medium one but a soft bristle brush. Stop doing side-to-side brushing and move it at a 45-degree angle.

How to brush correctly?

An effective way to brush your teeth is to start from the last tooth of your mouth and come to the middle tooth for each quadrant, for the upper same thing for the lower same thing. So, we’re going to start from the last most tooth.  We’re going to engage the last tooth we’re going to put the bristles at a 45-degree angle so we engage the gingiva we’re going to give a little vibratory and then we’re going to roll it out we’re going to repeat this engaging three teeth at a time reaching the midline and then we’re going to brush the top surface so we’re going to do moving forward and now we’re going to do the same thing engage at a 45 degree angle and wave the gingiva. Now we’re going to repeat the same actions on the other side of the outside or closure and the inside on this side of the quadrant. We’re going to do the outside or closure and inside we’re going to repeat the same things for the upper the only difference is in the upper you roll it downwards whereas in the bottom teeth you roll it upwards in the upper teeth you engage the last teeth at a 45-degree angle again facing towards the gingiva. Like this…move forwards…

What toothpaste do I use?

Change your toothpaste to a brand that states for sensitive teeth. The two common examples are Colgate sensitive and Sensodyne. If you’re able to get a fluoride gel toothpaste, you can actually use that.

How about diet changes?

Stop drinking soda and eating sweets both of this attack enamel and will cause more pain. What you can eat are fruits and vegetables. Milk, cheese, yogurt, or curd also provide relief. You can drink coffee or tea assuming it is not too hot.

What do I do if I have symptoms?

If you do end up eating or drinking anything that causes pain, don’t brush your teeth immediately. First wash it with water and wait for an hour or two before you brush.

I grind my teeth. Is that a problem?

If you have the habit of grinding your teeth this may be contributing to sensitive teeth. You have to control this behavior by addressing the stress if that is causing your grinding of teeth. Practice some breathing relaxation exercises. Be conscious about grinding so you can stop them or prevent them. Ask your friend or family member to remind you when you grind your teeth so they can tell you, so you can stop doing it.

Does using bleach to whiten teeth increase sensitivity?

Ask yourself are you using a bleach to make your teeth white? If yes, stop doing it immediately. Sensitive teeth may be caused by many underlying problems. Now is the time to go see your dentist take care of those problems.

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